Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your daddy's daddy's daddy was an immigrant….

OK, OK, this isn't precisely true for every single American, but it makes the point:

Unless you are actually descended from an unbroken line of mommies and daddies who were literally the children of children who were Native Americans—OK, Indians—since before Columbus unwittingly "discovered" America, then there's at least one immigrant in your family tree.

The point is:  nearly all native born American citizens alive today are descended from immigrants. At least one of your ancestors, maybe way back, was one of  "them."

A few days ago President Obama put it this way in remarks on the current proposals for sensible reform of our immigration and citizenship laws:

"You know, unless you’re one of the first Americans, a Native American, you came from someplace else. Somebody brought you. ... The Irish, who left behind a land of famine; the Germans, who fled persecution; the Scandinavians, who arrived eager to pioneer out west; the Polish; the Russians; the Italians; the Chinese; the Japanese; the West Indians; the huddled masses who came through Ellis Island on one coast and Angel Island on the other -- (cheers, applause) -- you know, all those folks, before they were us, they were them."

I know there are immigrants in my family history. I'm real glad they came here.

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