Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your daddy's daddy's daddy was an immigrant….

OK, OK, this isn't precisely true for every single American, but it makes the point:

Unless you are actually descended from an unbroken line of mommies and daddies who were literally the children of children who were Native Americans—OK, Indians—since before Columbus unwittingly "discovered" America, then there's at least one immigrant in your family tree.

The point is:  nearly all native born American citizens alive today are descended from immigrants. At least one of your ancestors, maybe way back, was one of  "them."

A few days ago President Obama put it this way in remarks on the current proposals for sensible reform of our immigration and citizenship laws:

"You know, unless you’re one of the first Americans, a Native American, you came from someplace else. Somebody brought you. ... The Irish, who left behind a land of famine; the Germans, who fled persecution; the Scandinavians, who arrived eager to pioneer out west; the Polish; the Russians; the Italians; the Chinese; the Japanese; the West Indians; the huddled masses who came through Ellis Island on one coast and Angel Island on the other -- (cheers, applause) -- you know, all those folks, before they were us, they were them."

I know there are immigrants in my family history. I'm real glad they came here.


  1. You are right. Those immigrants settled America, established laws and created the Republic. Now, we are full up and immigration, especially illegal or undocumented immigration needs to stop.
    We cannot support another 20 million democratic voters. That is the bottom line from the left, we need more of them, in order to ensure the Presidents vision of changing America can be achieve. It has succeeded on the world stage, no one can deny that. Now the question is, will America follow the path left or right. Will we erase the Republic or Restore the Republic?
    We cannot provide for the poor we have, we do not need to import more poor. We are tapped out. But, as a liberal you want to ensure American never rises from the ashes of the war on Poverty, I am sure your set and do not care about the nation’s future. Sad, as long as you have yours, why should other Americas? Why should we not put American Children behind, those sent here for a better life? Why should American's not wait behind the 5 million the Presidents wants to give work Visas?
    As long as his dream of leveling the field, bringing America to her knees is achieved. That was what he promised, Hope and Change, we have no more hope and he never promised the change would be positive. The Socialist Democratic Party of American, under the President, Pelosi and Reid has set this country back a hundred years. And people like you blog about where our fathers, father came from to support allowing the American dream to be flushed down the toilet. Let us be honest, if they knew American would end up worse than the places they left, they would not have come.
    Uncontrolled, borders and waves of illegal immigration are killing this country. And you support it. Of course you will spin it, blame Bush and deny we cannot even support our own poor, the American Poor, let alone add millions to the case load. Why should we support America's poor, they are no longer a strong enough voting block, have to make them poorer and bring in a new wave of Latino Voters to change the electorate. Only way the Socialist Democratic Party of American can ensure they keep their grip on power.
    Sadly, you know I am right. Sadly, only a good ole fashion restoration of the Republic will change this and this can only be done by the Americans who are left, the real Americans who support the Constitution and the American Dream, and are willing to restore the Republic, the same way the Republic was establish. It is only a matter of time and the time is drawing near. We are reaching the cross roads, where we can go left into a socialist hole or we can go right and restore the Republic and hold responsible those who betrayed this great nation for financial and political gain, both democrat and republican. We are living in the very serious times our fore fathers warned up about..... The only question is what will start the Restoration?
    Yes, this is a rant, because logic and rule of law are lost on the left. The lust for control and power over the people is all that matters. So we rant, until the time to vent arrives.
    Sorry to post anonymous, but do not need you forwarding my info to the IRS or other Democratic Socialist organizations. As a Christian, Patriot, Veteran and American I am already a target.

    1. This is another point of view. However, I like to eat lettuce....and American citizens won't pick lettuce