Monday, May 13, 2013

The art of Susan Boyle

Oh yeah, she dreamed a dream...

Haven't heard a lot lately about Susan Boyle, the Scottish lady whose singing can stop time and start your heart all at once.

I'm listening again to "I Dreamed A Dream," her first album in 2009. She's working on her 5th album, due out this fall.

If you can listen to Susan without understanding, again and again, that some people can sing from the heart and make it hurt real bad, then don't bother reading any more of this….

I realize I'm lining up behind millions of folks who have used many of the available English adjectives and adverbs to try to say in words what Susan can sing….

This friendly mezzo-soprano from Blackburn, West Lothian, in Scotland, youngest daughter of a coal miner, who sang in her local church and local pubs all her life, just pushes her power and her mojo into every lush note, she injects smooth, stunning organ-energy into every phrase, you can sink into her song or you can fall backwards into it, you know you are safe and sound….

And what a sound…..

Just imagine being one of the lads and lassies, in your local pub, not too close to last call, joining the others in calling for "Susie" to sing another song....

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