Friday, November 20, 2015

Be a saver

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately. To my dismay, I find that much of it I don’t like much.

I’m reacting to phrases and images in poems that seem to miss the mark in their entirety, but whose elements—in context, and, it seems, in isolation—are memorable.

Billy Collins wrote “This Much I Do Remember” and captured a number of prettily-done images from the kind of moment that pops in our awareness from time to time….the poet may be able to make it last, and may be able to share it with a willing reader….

The notion of a “…random still life…” appeals to me, a tableau not contrived, perhaps a transient convergence of objects and ambiance.

His image of “…a darkness behind the eyes…” is an expansive adaptation of the dimensions of meaning in familiar words brought together in an unfamiliar vision.

He creates another treasure with “…the small coin of the moment…”

I want to save these threads of romance in poetry, these small coins of the currency of language that delights me and offers delight to anyone.

Read Collins’ whole text here on the website "A Year Of Being Here"

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