Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dead poets talking….

“O Captain! My Captain!...”

Remember the last time you watched “Dead Poets Society”?

It might be 27 years ago, if your only exposure to this Robin Williams starburst was when it was first released in June 1989.

I’ve seen it many times, for me it’s like “The Green Mile,” every time I watch it it’s a slightly different but familiarly compelling experience.

I’d like to have an avuncular chat with anyone who keenly sought a good education and doesn’t wish it pretty much resembled the main plot line of “Dead Poets”—you see, the intellectual awakening part and the overcoming personal challenges part ARE the fundamental good parts of the learning experience. 

“Dead Poets” puts the viewer in a ringside seat to see how it all could happen with the help of a completely decent and completely sympathetic prof who had the guts and the savvy and the human kindness to help make it happen. 

The part of me that strives to be a good teacher and a good person who awakens to the full prospect of being a good person is the part of me that wants to jump up on my desk and join the boys in declaring the very risky and ritualistic and reaffirming and rapturous farewell to a beloved mentor and friend.

“Thank you, boys,” said Mr. Keating.

Thank you, Mr. Keating.

Robin Williams (1951-2014), requiescat in pace

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