Saturday, July 16, 2016

The wisdom of Barbara Crafton

Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton is the spirit animating The Geranium Farm, an institute for the promotion of spiritual growth.

The time is right, right now, to share this guidance from her website (click here) of substantial offerings:

“…good people. Ordinary people…anything is possible…any goodness, and any evil. They can allow themselves to be led either way…they are the ones who raise up the leaders, and they are the ones who follow them…It is not enough to bemoan this evil age. I do not control this age. But I do control myself. Start there.”

Her insight was not prompted by the current frenzied political chaos, but it rings the bell.

If for no other reason than simple selfish preservation, get started.

In part, you exercise your control by engaging in the community that surrounds you and has nonstop effects on your life.

Put this on your TO DO list: vote on November 8.

Don’t pretend there’s no difference between Clinton and Trump.

Trump is a menace for America.

Don’t let everybody else decide.

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