Saturday, October 22, 2016

The art of Jimi Hendrix

"Excuse me, while I kiss the sky."

You know, "Purple Haze"….

I'm no expert on Jimi Hendrix, in fact, I think I'll just keep the exact nature of my fan status to myself. You go ahead and like Hendrix your way….

Click here for one of the earliest versions of "Purple Haze,"  Jimi doing it live, without the feedback steroids….

Guitar Player Magazine called Jimi "guitar player Number One."

He told Dick Cavett, in 1969, that he made his music to "go inside the soul of the person, and awaken some kind of thing inside, because there are so many sleeping people."
Hendrix had massive impact on the music scene—even if you're not a Hendrix fan you have to admit you like some of the stuff he did, and the way he did it…and if you want to, you can forget that he always took hair curlers with him on his road trips…

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