Friday, March 5, 2010

Any Health Care Reform Will Do.....

See the piece below by Diane Jones at The Chronicle of Higher Education,

certainly a comprehensive commentary without most of the media-hyped "sound bite" fact, I support the current push to pass the health reform legislation, most certainly not because I believe it's the best or even a well-rounded step to address the very huge, very expensive health care problems, but almost exclusively (and desperately) because I strongly agree with Diane Jones' last sentence:

"And let's be honest about the fact that we might not be able to tackle all of these problems in a single piece of legislation, or within a single presidential term ... or even two."

I'm sickened by the grotesque, self-serving posturing on both sides of the aisle in Congress on this health care reform legislation, we have a rapidly growing monster that's going to eat Chicago and then every other city in the country if we don't tame the beast, and there seems to be little enlightened concept of serving the long-term overall public interest in the hallowed halls of Congress................

Oooops, I think I let a doctrinaire edge show through there, I'm flogging myself back into the cage........I'll try softly humming The Battle Hymn of the Republic....thanks for listening, I feel better now...

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  1. I find myself on the other side of the aisle, adding my voice to those that answering the call to vote down any sort of governmentally sponsored, provided, or mandated health care reform. The Eggplant* that I’m worried about is not the one that ate Chicago, but rather the one that is eating its way through our federal legislative systems and digesting what is left of the Constitution of the United States.

    Governmental oversight, through promulgated laws, legislation, and mandates, has generally produced increasingly more complex requirements with which businesses must comply---and compliance is never cost-free, let alone cost-effective. Add to that man’s seeming fascination with figuring out how to “beat the system” and you have the primordial soup out of which the likes of Enron and WorldCom crawled. The health care system (its businesses and the people who run them) will fare no better, and neither will the people whom they serve.

    * I’m likely to be the only person following this blog who not only knows the group that pressed the ditty (Dr. West’s Medicine Show & Junk Band), but also knows the lyrics (“You’d better watch out for the eggplant that ate Chicago, or he may eat your city soon…”).