Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The boy with a red hat

Just a little boy playing on the beach?
No. He is a dreamer, making his mark.

Skinny legs pumping as he navigates the sand,

               Dad's big red hat on his head,
                          pinched in behind so it fits,
                                    the big brim points his way,
                          his eyes are hidden…
                                    but he sees his way clear enough.

He announces to his Dad that the task is "building cities."
          He is the Designer,
             he is the Engineer,
                he is the Sand Hauler,
                   he is the Shovel Handler,
                      he is the Bucket Man,
                         he is the Creative Force.

A little boy playing in the sand?
No. He is a city builder.

Richard Carl Subber
Bethany Beach, DE
Sept 17, 2008

This poem appeared in the 2009 issue of The Manuscript, the Moravian College literary magazine.

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