Friday, August 22, 2014

Ferguson in perspective….

I wasn’t there in Ferguson, MO, the night the white cop shot the young, unarmed black man.

I’m guessing that both of them said and did things that tragically inflamed the encounter.

I don’t really know what went down, except that I know the black man went down.

This frightening shooting is all over the blogosphere, it’s all over the news, the cable TV talking heads are on it non-stop….

But everywhere except in Ferguson, I think the big thing is absent from all this coverage:

In my mind , the big thing isn’t “White cop shoots unarmed black man.”

The big thing is: “Yet again, another white cop shoots another unarmed black man.”

The big, big thing is: no one thinks this is going to stop.

I haven’t heard any official in Ferguson say: “We’ve got to make sure this never happens again.”

Just for perspective, imagine that the first night news flash had been: “Another blond Presbyterian cop shoots another young, unarmed red-headed Catholic.”

Or, just for perspective, take one whole minute and imagine that you’re a young black man.

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