Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zombies….it’s not all bad news….

The next zombie outbreak won’t necessarily be bad news for the folks who take the trouble now to prepare.

Do the right thing for your family—buy one of these zombie-proof log cabin kits, sure, it costs
$113,000 plus about $30,000 for installation and such, but, hey, aren’t your loved ones worth it? It has Xbox, water cannon, satellite TV, toilet, microwave and it’s guaranteed for 10 years!

And speaking of zombie outbreaks, some grad students at Cornell University have been using statistical mechanics to model how these doggone brain-eating, really ugly creatures get the party started, and the research team has good news:

Figure out your quickest route to Glacier National Park in northern Montana. The zombies have a lot of trouble getting out of the big cities and moving into remote areas where the pickin’s aren’t so good….

Really, your best bet is to get one of those anti-zombie log cabins. Otherwise, get moving to the boonies and travel with a small group of folks, say 5 or 6, so there’s no problem keeping up the rotating guard duty for that 24-hour  zombie watch….

Hey, they’re out there.

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