Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perry double dipping in Texas…who thought that one up?

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been collecting a completely legal state pension of $7,698 each month since January, while he continues on the state payroll as governor at a $150,000 salary.

Washington Post on Perry pension

Huffington Post weighs in

Seems Perry "retired" at the beginning of the year and started collecting his very legal pension benefit based on his age, his years of service in Texas state government since 1984 and his five years of Air Force service.

Perry continues to pay into the state pension fund. His pension will be re-calculated (increased) when he leaves the state payroll.

The Texas Tribune says that the aspiring Republican presidential candidate also will be eligible for Social Security benefits and lifetime, state-provided health care.

Texas Tribune gives more details on Perry pension

This is outrageous—but I take pains to say that I don't put a personal knock on Perry, who is 61, for collecting this totally legal pension. It's there. It's legal. In 1991 Texas amended its retirement law to allow pension payments to anyone whose age, years of service in state government and years of military service total 80 or more.

Pension isn't mentioned yet on Perry's campaign website

Why does the state of Texas think this is a good law? Who thought that one up? Why is it a good idea to pay a $92,376 pension to a healthy 61-year-old millionaire who is still working? I wonder how many people currently on the Texas state payroll are already collecting pensions? I wonder what their net worth is? This is the kind of thing that the 99% are protesting.

I'm happy to celebrate the good things we have to say about our democratic form of government and, from time to time, about the responsible actions of our elected representatives...

But then we encounter the bad things and the ugly things…makes me mad as hell. How about you?

Wikipedia entry for Rick Perry

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