Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trump as moderator?....not to worry

Well, the good news bear came through!

Donald Trump has archly announced that he will not moderate a Dec. 27 debate of GOP presidential candidates.

See my Dec. 4 post on this farcical excess of GOP primary madness

Good riddance. Anyway, almost all of the Republican candidates had more or less respectfully announced that they would not participate in the debate to be sponsored by the conservative website http://www.newsmax.com/. For some reason the GOP hopefuls in general have been toadying to Trump, I guess they're hoping to get his endorsement—the presumption of prestige escapes me here…..

Anyway, looks like this goofy debate is toast or is gonna be toast. Let's put it behind us.

Something else is going to qualify as the low point of this revoltingly degraded campaign. Stay tuned. Keep the sickness bags close by.

Washington Post says "Trump Fires Himself As Debate Moderator"
newsmax.com sees Trump as "fair and tough moderator"

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