Tuesday, June 16, 2015

California dreamin’….about water

I’m seeing weird discussion online about the calamitous drought in California and the state’s increasingly strict controls on water usage.

To wit, it seems there is now public debate about whether folks have the “right” to buy as much water as they want, with some invocation of “free market” principles.

This is scary. I’m waiting for some appeal to the Wizard of Oz.

Let’s just call it like it is: the drought affects everyone and the dubious benefits or moral scruples of 
the “free market” aren't going to supply a fix. Appeals to notions of personal liberties and free market solutions don’t get more ridiculous than this. In fact, the so-called “free market” is partly responsible for the desperate pickle that so many Californians are wantonly trying to ignore—property owners and business owners are madly pursuing their legal freedom to drill more wells even as the supplies of surface water are drying up and the underground aquifers are drying out. 

There are folks in the Golden State who are arguing that they should be able to buy and use as much water as they’re willing to pay for.

They don’t get it: there isn’t enough water in California right now.

Rich homeowners and wealthy farmers are going to be singing a different tune if water stops coming out of their pipes.

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