Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Police have killed 385 people so far this year reports that at least 385 people have been shot and killed by police during the first five months of 2015. That’s more than two shooting deaths each day since January 1.

Of course the circumstances of the shootings vary widely.

Of course about 25% of the victims had mental problems.

Of course about 80% of the victims were armed with a gun or other potentially deadly weapon.

Of course some of them were actually threatening a police officer.

Of course some of the shootings were justified.

Of course about half of the victims were minorities.

Of course dozens of the victims were actually running away from the cops when they were shot.

Of course charges have been filed against a police officer in only 3 shooting incidents so far this year.

Of course 385 citizens killed by police is way too many.

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