Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That voting thing….

The Census Bureau says about 60% of the folks who didn’t vote last November said they were “too busy” or “not interested” or “forgot to vote” or “disliked the candidates/issues.”

Let’s be frank: these folks at least admitted that they just didn’t care about voting.

Only about 36% of eligible voters went to the polls in the 2014 election. It was the worst turnout since 1942.

Way too many people don't feel a civic duty to participate in electing the folks who will run the government.

Apparently too many people don't see much personal advantage in voting for the representatives who will have power over their lives. 

I think a fair judgment is that the textbook concept of a representative democracy, and democratic government in action, is a failure.

I tried to think of a less bitterly disappointed way to say that. 

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