Thursday, July 30, 2015

“Oceanfront property”…..uh oh

A new report on climate change includes this devastating wake-up item:

Almost 130 million Americans live in a coastal county with a salt water shoreline.

Nearly half of Americans are more or less on the front lines of the coming-your-way calamities tied to global climate change, like rising sea levels and higher-than-normal storm surges.

Almost 2.5 million Americans own homes that are less than four feet above the current high tide line—that’s about 1.3 million homes that are going to be uninhabitable soon. Check to see if your bank owns any of those mortgages. Ask your insurance company how many homeowner’s policies it has on those homes.

If the sea level rises three feet, big chunks of waterfront property in Boston will cease being waterfront property, because, you know….

Worldwide, almost 650 million people live less than 30 feet above sea level.

In plenty of places around the world, in the next couple decades, there are plenty of people who will no longer have to “go to the beach,” because the beach is coming to them.

It only gets uglier....

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