Friday, February 26, 2016

Full circle….

I was born before the debut of commercial television. There was no TV on the wall in the maternity ward.

Of course, I’ve had a TV (and later, several TVs) in my home since I can remember. For better or worse….

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a TV junkie in my time, but yeah, sure, I watched my favorite shows for close to 60 years.

A few years back, for my taste, the “better” stopped happening and the “worse” started kicking in.

I just said “No,” cold turkey, seven years ago today. Stopped watching the boob tube. Stopped wondering what the heck was the appeal of reality TV. Stopped getting angry enough to yell at the screen during news broadcasts. Stopped wishing TV news would get sensible and meaningful.

So I don’t turn the TV on now. OK, I make exceptions for the Super Bowl and the State of the Union address and election returns in early November and maybe, every other year or so, an old movie I can’t find on one of the streaming sources.

I’m bound to say I don’t think I’m missing much.

The news media industry, particularly TV, has become a beast with no scruples. I think it is deranging our society.

At least, in the old days, we had Dragnet and Sgt. Bilko.

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