Monday, February 25, 2013

I don't know where the TV remote is...

Four years ago today I stopped watching television.

I mean it. I stopped routinely turning on the TV to catch the news (think "talking heads") and to catch up on the stock market (think more "talking heads" who don't know any more than you or me about what the market's going to do today or any day…).

OK, I admit I watched the Nov. 6 election returns, and I think I've done a Super Bowl or two or three in the past several years…maybe I've checked the weather three or four times….

Turning away from the TV, cold turkey, actually was pretty easy.

Pretty much immediately I realized that my average daytime temperature was a bit lower, my blood pressure was a bit lower, I was muttering quite a bit less, and I had stopped randomly biting myself…

TV had lost its entertainment value for me.

The news content was mostly all politically charged and partisan and a lot of ugly yelling.

The stock market's talking head chatter just finally obviously transitioned to 100% mostly civilized, endlessly repeated, shamelessly contingent and transparently irrelevant guessing.

I didn't give up much, and I retrieved a nice chunk of usable time for other things in my life.

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  1. Right on...expect I quit reading blogs and the internet 4 years ago. Moved on to talking heads and pundits on t.v..Tired of that and went on to AM radio which was very enlightening. Could multi task while learning!!