Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"We're from the news media, and we're here to help you...."

The news media are making the whole terrible Trump thing worse.

The media are wantonly giving free air time to Trump and implicitly legitimizing his antics, his hate messages and his demagoguery.

The news media are keeping Trump top-of-mind, and they’re making him more dangerous.

A couple points of reference:
TheNation.com reports that Trump is getting 10 times more coverage than Rubio.

In February the Republican primary debacle was getting twice as much coverage as the Democratic wrangle.

Trump is getting 23 times more face time with America than Sanders.

John Nichols at The Nation says “…the modern media shape the narrative, as opposed to simply reporting on it…” 

“The past 20 years have seen radical changes in the American media: the pandemic downsizing of newsrooms, sweeping layoffs of journalists, and a desperation for clicks and ratings that guarantees that civic and democratic values will always be trumped by commercial and entertainment demands.

Here’s a wacky thought: turn off your TV for 24 hours, and think about what’s important to you in America and in your life.

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