Thursday, June 9, 2016

Maybe Trump isn’t hustling “new voters”

Without a doubt, voter turnout in Republican primaries this season has been notably high.

Trump’s been claiming that he’s animating “new voters” and “expanding the Republican Party.”

Analysis by Politico and Optimus (a data analytics firm) indicates it ain’t necessarily so.

After studying the voting patterns in Virginia, Ohio and Michigan, the researchers found that most of the increased voting turnout reflected participation by folks who support Republicans in general elections but don’t normally vote in primaries. Thus, the busy primary voting represents “new primary voters” but not “new Republican voters.” Many of these voters are folks who most likely would turn out for the general election in any event.

The authors of the Optimus analysis concluded: “The increase in presidential primary turnout should give little comfort to the GOP as it looks ahead to November’s general election.”

Now, let’s get real about the November 8 election.

Clinton or Trump will be the next president of the United States.

If you vote for someone else, or if you don’t bother to vote, everybody else is going to choose the next president.

Do you trust everybody else to do that?

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