Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando massacre: frank talk about the issues

The terrorist murders in Orlando were a horrific crime. The victims and all of us suffer.

The shooter is dead, so there isn’t going to be any retribution against him.

The shooter was born in the United States 29 years ago—he was as much an American citizen as you and me, so this particular case has nothing to do with immigration.

The shooter legally bought a semi-automatic pistol and a high-capacity assault rifle a few days before he used them to kill and wound more than 100 people.

The shooter was on an FBI terrorist watch list twice—the Terrorist Screening Database, in 2013 and in 2014—but he was removed from the watch list after FBI agents questioned him and determined that he hadn’t broken any laws with his public statements and contact with an American who died in a suicide bombing in Syria.

Even if he had remained on the watch list, that by itself wouldn’t have prevented him from legally buying guns.

Why is anyone legally selling guns to anyone who is on or has been on an FBI terrorist watch list?

We have too many guns in America.

Too many dead people.

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