Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why doesn’t every headline say “stupid”?

Here’s a puzzler for you:

A drug company called Mylan has spread outrage throughout the land by abruptly hiking the price of its popular allergy drug to over $600—Mylan’s branded “Epipen” treatment sold for about $100 in 2007, when the company acquired the drug and started boosting its price.

In response to the firestorm of criticism from all sides, Mylan has now decided to sell a generic version of Epipen for only $300.

Are Mylan executives nuts?

Why would a savvy for-profit company sell both a branded and generic version of the same product in a single market? Who’s gonna fall for this sinister razzle-dazzle? Why is the media coverage so gullible?

Why would any doctor prescribe the branded version?

Why would anyone pay for the branded version?

This is one of the legal but crappy aspects of our American health care system that must be fixed by the federal government and a single-payer insurance system.

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