Tuesday, September 13, 2016

“Kabuki citizenship” isn’t the worst of it….

The continuing self-degradation of the media is enabling, in all too obvious ways, the shipwreck of our public discourse on politics and government.

The advent of Trump’s nativist demagoguery—and the media’s willing role in keeping him on life support—has largely legitimized the public expression of prejudicial fears and hatred and bigotry that we know have always existed, but which have been at least nominally derided by decent and/or “politically correct” folks.

The New York Times’ Wesley Morris highlighted a specific element of it yesterday in his commentary on “Who Gets to Be Called a ‘Patriot’?”  Read it here.

Morris digs in to the doctrinaire spew of the folks who lead the charge in disputing the patriotism of folks who have a different skin color or a different religion or a different political stance or a birth certificate that was signed in another country….

Such despicable bias gets all too much air time and, thus, all too much credibility among folks whose powers of reasoning too often aren’t used for full effect.

Morris offers this zinger: “As a result, modern patriotism has become Kabuki citizenship.”

The masks and the make-believe and the stylized exaggerations of sentiment are meant to be instruments of entertainment….

…not the bling of the horrifying world of Twitter morality and anonymously obscene commenters who hide behind ad hominem attacks……

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