Monday, July 16, 2012

Do we need a "business" perspective in government?

I'm pretty much getting sick and tired of political candidates claiming they'll bring their "business experience" into play, if they're elected, to fix and improve government and public policy at every level from school board up to the presidency.

Who anointed "business experience" as the solution to our flamingly obvious government woes?

Who believes the average—or even the above average—person with "business experience" can automatically fix our social problems by getting elected to public office, and acting like a business exec in the halls of Congress or in the meeting room of the board of directors of Duckswamp Consolidated School District?

There's no credible evidence that "business experience" is the cure-all for government woes, and our social problems, and our economic problems…..

Let's just stop blandly letting anybody go unchallenged when the "let's bring some business experience to government" riff gets blurted out in public…..

In fact, may it please the Court, I request arrest warrants for the experienced business leaders at Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, General Motors, Countrywide Financial, Bain Capital, MFGlobal, JPMorgan, the London bankers who cooked LIBOR....I could go on…..but you just take a minute to add your own favorite names….

And by the way, think of the business leaders you've been associated with in your life… a group, do they inspire you to vote for them for elected office so we can get some "business experience" in government leadership roles?

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