Sunday, May 5, 2013

A new reason for gun control legislation

At least let's agree on this:  some Americans shouldn't be allowed to buy .40 caliber ammo.

Florida police recently reported that a 31-year-old man with a BB gun and,  apparently,  a real jones for squirrel meat, did something you and I could have told him not to do, not now, not ever, it's a No-No, don't even think about it….

Seems Mr. Squirrel Hunter actually taped a .40 caliber bullet to the end of his BB gun, and, you know, aimed at that tasty-looking rodent and squeezed the trigger….

….yup, the BB pellet hit the bullet cartridge, which exploded, causing shrapnel wounds in the man's arms and legs.

Obviously we need a universal background check on all ammunition buyers, so we could uncover any latent tendencies to tape bullets to BB guns in pursuit of a squirrel steak.

Animal lovers should get behind this proposal, too, and I'm sure they're happy to hear that the squirrel is still on the loose.

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