Friday, May 10, 2013

Heard "thank you" from your boss recently?

I worked hard all my life. I did some good things. I'm proud to say I held up my end.

Without embarrassment, I say that I was self-motivated.

Sadly, too many folks do the same for the same reasons, without much recognition or reward from their organizations.

For many years I thought this was a depressing mystery.

Now, I don't think it's a mystery.

How do managers learn right and wrong?

And here's a confirming anecdote from my trusted personal advisor:

"During a recent visit to our local state park, I was on my way to the ladies' room, and the lady from the state park's cleaning service had just finished swamping it out (and I use that term with specificity). She was standing at her truck, resupplying her cart to attack the men's room. I said 'Hi!' and she returned the greeting.

"I stuck out my hand, saying 'You know, cleaning public restrooms is usually a thankless job, so let me thank you for your effort today, I appreciate it.'

"She looked at me like she'd been pole-axed. Then she shook my hand, saying 'No one, not even my boss, has ever thanked me. This means a lot to me. You've made my day.'

"Such an easy thing for me to do…."

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