Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jindal goes berserker against Common Core

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has some bad news for the unfortunate under-educated kids of the Pelican State.

He’s trying to unilaterally withdraw his state from participating in the Common Core educational standards and associated standardized testing.

Never mind that Jindal helped bring the Common Core and standard tests to Louisiana in 2010.

Never mind that he’s been a fan since then.

Never mind that he was quoted just last spring by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, saying 
Common Core is a way to “raise expectations for every child.”

Never mind that the Louisiana state legislature supports Common Core, and the state’s Superintendent of Education said yesterday that his department would continue to implement Common Core as required by Louisiana law.

Never mind that the business community in Louisiana largely supports the Common Core initiative.

Never mind that Louisiana schoolchildren rank 44th in language arts achievement, compared with kids in the other 49 states, and Louisiana kids rank 46th in math achievement.

Oh, have you heard? Jindal’s running for president….

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