Monday, July 25, 2016

Need a barf bag?

Let’s just get this over with.

Last week Fox News fired CEO Roger Ailes because he’s been sued for predatory sexual harassment, and about a dozen women (so far) have revealed that they were victims of his disgusting behavior over a long period of time.

Good for Fox News. Executives said, among other things, that Ailes’ “loutish” behavior would not be tolerated. They could have said “criminal loutish” behavior and I would have been happier, but let’s move on….

Pursuant to the terms of Ailes’ contract (it was due to expire in 2018), he’s going to get a $40 million payoff for cleaning off his desk and taking a hike.

The directors of Fox News screwed the shareholders and insulted almost every Fox News employee when they approved that contract.

Hand me a bag, quick….

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