Saturday, July 2, 2016

The meteor thing….

It’s good news!

A new poll shows that folks who want Hilary Clinton for president strongly outnumber the grumpies who would prefer to have a giant meteor strike the Earth.

It’s all very simple: asked to choose between Clinton, Trump and “Giant Meteor Hitting the Earth,” 43 percent of likely voters went for Clinton, 38 percent chose Trump and only 13 percent said the best option was the meteor thing.

I don’t know what the meteor vote has been in the past, but this seems like a real positive indicator that most voters think the upcoming election can be settled in the usual way:

The Forces of Good will successfully vote for the best candidate, and the Dark Force will turn out a losing vote for the other guy.

Here’s the thing:

Trump and Clinton are not the same.

One of them is going to be the next president.

If you don’t vote on November 8, everybody else is going to pick the next president of the United States.

Do you trust everybody else to do that?

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