Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby boomers! Do something for you!

Get healthier!

Baby boomers are living longer than their parents, but they're not as healthy as their moms and dads were.

More than half of boomers don't exercise regularly—20 years ago, only 17 per cent of seniors were sedentary. 

Today only 13 per cent of boomers rate their health as "excellent," compared with 32 per cent of gray-hairs who said the same 20 years ago.

Medical advances mean longer life expectancy for the boomer generation that's now turning 65 years old, but that boon comes with greater incidence of chronic disease and poor health.

I'm one of the boomers. This is not the way we thought the golden years would turn out for us.

Hey, boomer! Take a walk today.

                                     Don't smoke, or......

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