Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey, Congress: Do your job!

Congress needs to do a compromise on the trumped up "crisis" about the "sequester," and then get to work on the important stuff: boosting growth in our national economy and helping to create jobs for millions of Americans who are out of work.

The sadly familiar rhetoric and the revoltingly familiar politics-as-usual is getting cranked up as we approach the deadline for the much-misunderstood "sequester" cuts.

In a nutshell: the "sequester" is a poison pill of cuts in defense and social safety net spending that was approved (think "kick the can down the road"…) more than a year ago by Democrats and Republicans in Congress and by President Obama, because none of them believed the cuts would ever go into effect.

Now only some folks with possibly wacky intentions want all of these meat-ax cuts to occur, with no thought to their disruptive effect.

Our elected reps in Congress are trying to hold each other hostage to this "sequester" nonsense, with verifiably stupid catcalls about who's going to "take the blame," and silly "line in the sand" pronouncements about "no new tax revenue" and "no cuts to Social Security and Medicare."

They're playing their dangerous political game, and the rest of us are twisting in the wind.

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