Tuesday, April 21, 2015

At last, been there….

I did the Boston Marathon yesterday for the first time.

Ooops, the buzzer went off on that one.

What I meant was, I watched many hundreds of the brave and slightly wacky men and women who did the Boston Marathon yesterday, my first time standing at the curb along the course route with my family.

It really is a thrill to watch those hardy folk race by. I think the typical runner is cracking along at about 10 miles an hour, the leaders are doing 13 miles an hour. After getting up close and personal for the first time, I can confirm: most marathoners are running, they’re not jogging or anything.

By one estimate more than a half million people lined the route from Hopkinton to Boston’s Boylston Street yesterday, to cheer for everybody.

I have to say that I think running a marathon is probably bad for the human body. I’m just as ready to confirm the obvious: it’s non-stop exhilaration to watch them doing the deed. Marathoners gotta be proud men and women, you betcha.

By the way, the Boston Marathon got started 119 years ago, when 18 men queued up for the race and the winner, American John McDermott, finished in 2 hours 55 minutes 10 seconds. Among other things, they had heavier shoes in those days.

The current Boston Marathon record is 2:03:02, set by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya in 2011. The best women’s time for the Boston classic is 2:18:57, posted by Rita Jeptoo of Kenya two years ago.
Yesterday, about 30,300 dedicated runners showed up at the starting line. Truly, it’s an international crowd, with 97 countries represented.

The runners were doing some good, too—they probably raised about $40 million from race-day sponsors to support favorite charities.

One runner was cool enough to veer towards our family group and offer a high five to my young grandson, who did his part with great glee.

Non-stop exhilaration.

Yes, Virginia, there is a dinosaur....

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