Sunday, August 23, 2015

“…another little piece of my heart…”

On the one hand, prose; on the other hand, atomic prose.

Likewise, poetry and atomic poetry.

Getting’ right down to the real nitty gritty is a deep mystery and an elevating challenge for any writer.

Narrative Magazine recently posted a brief bit about “six-word stories.” I quote:
“William Faulkner famously said that a novelist is a failed short story writer, and a short story writer is a failed poet.”

Here’s a six-word story from Hemingway Himself:
“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

Another, from Alistair Daniel, a British writer:
Without thinking, I made two cups.”

Try this one, I think you can sing it: (1)
“…another little piece of my heart…”

(1) From "Piece of My Heart" by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns, immortalized by Janis Joplin

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