Monday, December 28, 2015

“…juice of toads.”

Toad juice. Gag and spit. May I never say words that will taste like toad juice when someone else says them.

Some people say these words.

Perhaps you have heard some of them.

For example:
The speaker singled out members of a particular religious faith, comparing them to dogs, serpents, dragons and vipers.
He wanted to see them banned, exiled, imprisoned, whipped….he proclaimed they are a “leprous” people, their doctrines as despicable as the “juice of toads.”

Who was the speaker and which religion did he condemn?

Persecuted Quakers

Want a hint?

Think late 17th century.
Think Cotton Mather, the celebrated Puritan minister.
Think Quakers, who were widely stigmatized by our strangely intolerant Puritan forebears.

Religious prejudice has deep roots in American history.

In every history, of course.

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