Monday, December 7, 2015

The wisdom of Sam Levenson (part 3)

“One of the virtues of being very young is
          that you don't let the facts
                    get in the way of your imagination.” 

Sam Levenson    1911-1980
American humorist, writer, teacher, TV celeb and journalist  

I am an insufferable fan of the facts.

Imagination also gets my vote, and sometimes the twain need not interfere with each other.

I have a grandfatherly perspective on this. I love to hear my kids spinning a tale or making up a song on the fly. It’s a wonderment to hear their freelance explanations of Santa Claus and rain and why flowers die and how the astronauts can survive in space.

Their cautionary tales about animal parents taking care of their young are sophisticated in their concern, and carefree in their attribution of human values and familial love….sometimes I feel like I’m on a mission to soak up enough free-range delight and fanciful understanding to keep my brain and my heart from getting older, at least for an hour or two….

I never tell the kids a lie.

Sometimes I collaborate in keeping the dried-up facts in the back pocket for a while.

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