Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hatred is now legal in North Carolina

You must have heard about the new North Carolina “bathroom law.”

The law makes hatred legal in North Carolina.

In plain language, it says that transgender people can’t use the public bathroom of their choice. In fact, it says that everyone must use the labeled bathroom that matches their physical sexual organs at birth.

The law can’t be enforced, unless the state assigns 24/7 guards with authority to require all users to drop their pants or lift their skirts for inspection before entering the bathroom.

Enforcement wasn’t the point, of course.

The point was to officially hate transgender people.

I wonder how many transgender people are in the families of North Carolina legislators? I wonder how many folks in North Carolina are playing pickup basketball or having lunch or sharing a carpool with transgender people every day?

Why isn’t every public watchdog news media organization in America pointing at the North Carolina Republicans and laughing?

I think the answer is:  it’s not a laughing matter.

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