Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump’s charitable giving? Umm, wait a minute….

Donald Trump claims he has given more than $102 million to charity in the past five years. He forgot to mention that none of that money came out of his own pocket.

WashingtonPost.com analyzed a 93-page document released by the Trump campaign last year, and noted items like:
 -    Almost $64 million in “conservation easements” on various properties he owns—in other words, “the public” gets a benefit but nobody in particular is being helped
-  About $26 million in “land donated to New York State”
-  $7 million in gifts from the Donald J. Trump Foundation
-  About $6 million from Trump’s golf courses, hotels and clubs—much of this is the value of “free” rounds of golf, think of all the single moms and poor kids who play golf at Trump venues….

Oh yeah, one more thing: WaPo points out that Trump hasn’t contributed a dime to the Trump Foundation since 2008, so none of that $7 million foundation item was Trump money.

In fact, none of the $102 million represents any cash gifts by Trump.

An official of the Trump Organization said Trump has “given generously” from his own pocket, but declined to provide any details.

How much did you give to charity in the last five years?

"Republican establishment"??....definition please

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