Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump tells lies—all the time

Journalistic “objectivity” shouldn’t be a rationale for indifference to the truth.

Lots of media reports and pundits are talking about Trump’s recent economic speech and all of his talking points that just aren’t true.

Here’s my summary: it was full of lies, and we all know it.

Why are we hearing endless news reports and commentary about Trump’s “policies” and his “campaign reset” and his “tax programs” and his promises to “renegotiate the trade deals”?

Why aren’t we hearing, instead, endless reminders that Trump’s speech was a mess of deception and a pack of lies?

I’m waiting for Joe Scarborough or somebody to say “Trump lied left and right during his big economic speech, and that’s all I need to say about it.”

Before the speech in Detroit, Nicholas Kristof wrote in a Sunday New York Times column that “Trump is a world champion who is pathological in his dishonesty.”

More from Kristof:
“In March, Politico chronicled a week of Trump remarks and found on average one misstatement every five minutes. The Huffington Post once chronicled 71 inaccuracies in an hourlong town hall session—more than one a minute.”

Really, no reasonable person can trust anything Trump says. Let’s start mentioning that all the time.

More links to reports on Trump’s “fact-challenged assertions”:

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