Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trump’s economic advisers: the 1%

Trump announced his economic advisory team yesterday…I guess it reveals the real Trump.

He named 13 men—he couldn’t find a single woman with economic savvy?

They’re all rich, big time. Like Trump. No middle class economists in the bunch. And no union leaders, either.

These guys are bankers, hedge fund managers, real estate speculators….

They have the money and the motive to buy influence in Washington, in state governments….

Aren’t these some of the guys who love the big international trade deals that Trump loves to spit on?

Aren’t these some of the guys who run “the system” that Trump incessantly claims is rigged?

What part of America do they represent? Do they speak for the little guy who has fears about his livelihood, his family, his future?

No reasonable person can believe anything Trump says.

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