Friday, June 22, 2012

The wisdom of Aeropostale?

I respect the presumptive human nobility of all persons, great and small, of all colors and creeds, folks who share my politics and the other kind, those of all shapes, weights and sizes, including our fellow beings who look good in tight sweatpants and also those who, well, you know…

Today's free lecture on civil obedience, reluctantly, has to do with our possibly mirror-challenged fellow creatures who venture into public view with their very voluminous selves encased in those form-hugging "Aeropostale" logo sweatpants, with the brand name boldly imprinted on the butt area.

Memo to the chief of marketing for Aeropostale: what were you thinking?

Your company name makes me seasick as I watch it in full animation, lurching from side to side, up and down, shimmy to the left, sashay to the right, dip here, shudder there…

I'm really not condemning the lady who was broadcasting your logo marketing message, albeit a bit too broadly…she is who she is, I trust she is loved.

I'm thinking of you, Aeropostale marketing director – you should be charged with at least a misdemeanor in civil disobedience, for disturbing the peace and tranquility in this great land with an ill-conceived and visibly disturbing name recognition campaign. I got the picture this morning as I was eating breakfast in an Allentown diner, and I'm trying to get the picture out of my mind….

No ifs, ands or butts…..

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