Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twinkies, Twinkies, little star…..

How I wonder….what's all the fuss?

For starters, I never was a Twinkies fan, not too sure I actually ever ate one of those little yellow spongy things…

And if your Twinkies experience over the years was similar to my experience with my all-time fave, Tasty Pies from Tasty Baking Company, then the Twinkies-lovers among you can just go about your business, no tears, the long dying has come to an end…

I'm guessing that in the good old days, Twinkies were bigger, moister, sweeter, spongier, creamier and tastier than they are now (or were, if your local dealer ran out recently…)

The sinister and unending conviction of consumer product marketing managers--that making a product slightly less everything in order to maintain a price point is a great way to maintain customer loyalty--is, well, sinister and unending.

For example, if you ate a Tasty Pie 30 years ago, say, as I did with passion, then you wouldn't be caught dead or alive eating the desiccated over-baked hunk of artificial dough with some flavoring smeared in it that comes in the Tasty Pie box now.

I don't eat Tasty Pies any more.

Sorry about your Twinkies.

Requiescat in pace.

Hostess pulls the plug on Twinkies....

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