Friday, November 30, 2012

We're cooking the planet (part 7)

Billions for storm cleanup, but not a dollar to fight global warming?

Some governors are calling for $100 billion of federal disaster aid to clean up after Hurricane Sandy hit the mid-Atlantic coast.

I'm waiting for them to ask for another $100 billion to start addressing bandaids and fixes and remedies for the human impact on global climate change and global warming.

Of course the storm cleanup has to be done, the politicians agree. Why don't we have equally strong political leadership calling for a matching commitment—dollar for dollar—to scale back global climate change?

Are we just going to keep paying, over and over again, for the storm damage that's being made worse by global warming?

A recent piece on makes this point: the sea levels have been rising faster than even the concerned climate scientists thought they would. Rising sea levels mean that storms will bring even more water inland when they hit.

How many times do you want to spend $100 billion to clean up the Atlantic coastline?

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