Saturday, November 10, 2012

What "immigration problem" ?

Too bad that Republicans are struggling to find a way to embrace our fellow Americans who are immigrants, only because the GOP lost the election, in part because notably immigrant minority voters told Romney/Ryan to take a hike.......

Too bad that Republicans haven't figured out how to embrace our fellow Americans who are immigrants, because they do work that most Americans won't do.

Republicans eat lettuce, I think. Republicans hire lawn care services and nannies, I think. Every Republican in America has at least one ancestor who was an immigrant.

Let's start focusing on the problems that are hurting all of us, instead of the so-called "immigrant problem" that basically isn't hurting anyone.

Yeah, I know that some new immigrants are criminals…let's find those few and put them in jail.

And let's welcome the rest of them and rely on them to be hard-working citizens of America, the melting pot.

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