Thursday, November 8, 2012

Same boat?

I'm not making any predictions, I've learned too many times how unsatisfying it is to be wrong.

I will say that I'm disappointed, I had hoped for something better in the aftermath of the election, but already it looks like America is still in the same boat as before.

Partisan gridlock. Short-sighted political maneuvering. The same staccato drumbeats for ideology instead of common sense.

Reid and Boehner hardly waited 12 hours after President Obama's re-election win to start the public grandstanding.

They were talking, mostly, maybe, about the so-called "fiscal cliff" of tax cut expirations and automatic spending cuts that—how easily they forget—they and a majority of their caucuses actually approved last year.

Boehner and Reid used words like "agreement" and "work together" but what they actually said and confirmed most emphatically is what they will refuse to do, what they won't do…..and it's the same old story.

No nasty tax hikes for the wealthy. No nasty benefit cuts for recipients. Somehow, they say, we can take our nasty fiscal medicine without feeling any pain.

This is the same goofy, untenable and irreconcilable impasse we've been facing for a long time now.

Apparently we're still in the same old boat. Call your representatives in Congress—they're probably incumbents, the same people who've been screwing it up in Washington, odds are you voted to send them back for another term—and tell them to start doing what's right for America and Americans.

Apparently we need new people at the oars.

Why are we re-electing incumbents?

Think your congressman has lost his mind?

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