Monday, January 21, 2013

Some people have too much money…(part 2)

Just short and not too sweet.

You may remember watching "Batman" on TV when you were in college, if you're old enough…maybe you've watched the reruns with Adam West, the not too mysterious Caped Crusader, tooling around town in his snazzy Batmobile—the Bat Buggy was originally built for $15,000 on a Lincoln Futura chassis—and maybe you've always wanted to have a jalopy like that one…

Well, a car collector from Phoenix, AZ, is living your dream. He just bought the original Batmobile at auction for $4.62 million.

I say that collector has too much money. Of course, I'm certain he got it legally, he's entitled to do with it whatever he pleases.

If I had that much unneeded cash floating around, I'd think of something different to do with it.

Like, maybe, install 154 traffic lights at those intersections where, you know, everybody knows there should be a light controlling the traffic but there isn't….

Or, heck, maybe I'd buy 462,000 books to distribute to poor kids.

Or, yeah, maybe I would donate all the money to establish more shelters for abused women.

I wonder how many abused women I could help with $4.62 million?

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