Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decadent's killing us

George Will and I are not foxhole buddies.

We're not even political or philosophical buddies.

So when George says something I agree with, it's a wake-up for me.

In his January 2 column in the Washington Post, he says, rightly enough, that our American way of life "cannot be funded [simply] by taxing 'the rich'," and he blames Republicans and Democrats who are "ardent in embracing decadent democracy."

That's an all-too-accurate buzzword: "decadent democracy" refers to the failure -- no, the inability -- of our elected representatives to impose taxes and fees – that covers everything, income taxes, carbon and other energy taxes, environmental taxes --  that will appropriately pay for all the government goods and services and safety that we all want.

We all need to pay more taxes now, we need to impose a carbon tax, we need to force individuals and businesses to pay the full economic cost of the goods and services that they consume and produce...

...another take...


  1. You may be right but for the wrong reasons. If we tax everyone to pay for all the goods and services then maybe the citizens won't want "so much stuff" if they actually are paying for it instead of someone else. If some of the 47% actually had to contribute the the welfare of their group I would surmise that there would an outcry for less government and lower taxes!!

  2. Anonymous almost had me nodding my head until the mention of "the 47%," and then I realized that he/she is wearing blinders that are way too big...I'm calling for a bipartisan recognition that ALL of us need to pay more for all the government goods and services and security that we all want.