Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Color me "hot"!

It's been so hot Down Under during the last four months that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has added a new color to its official weather maps—for temperatures in the 122-129 degree range.

Yup, according to, if you're watching the weather report on TV in Eucla, Western Australia, you might see a purple splotch on the map where you live.

Purple now means "Crikey, it's hot!"

The all-time recorded high temperature in Australia is 123 degrees, set in 1960. Don't bet it's going to stand too much longer….

And by the way, also reports that in the U.S., last July was the hottest month on record, and 2012 was the hottest year since we started keeping records.

We're cooking the planet, folks, we need to start seriously doing something to slow down global warming because it's the only planet our grandchildren are going to have to live on.


  1. 2012 hottest year on record. It beat 1998 the previous hottest year on record. What happened to the intervening 13 years??? Could it be "just the weather"??

  2. The intervening years were hot, too. Global climate change and global warming are real. Do something about it. Protect your grandchildren.