Sunday, January 27, 2013

The wisdom of the Cherokees (part 2)

"When a rule becomes so binding that it will not allow common sense and honest action to help the people to do the right thing, it is time to make a change…
We need the rules, but wisdom as well."

Wise words from the Cherokees.

I think the "binding rule" they mention could be a law approved by the society, or it could be your own rule, from your own set of values.

For either kind, if the rule "…becomes so binding that it will not allow common sense…," if it doesn't require and encourage honest action by you and your neighbors, then something's gotta go.

If "the" rule no longer makes sense to you, or if "your" rule doesn't make sense to your neighbors, you have a problem, you gotta work on that, you're not living on a desert island…

The best thing to do is the right thing. If you can't define the right thing, time to step back and think about it some more…

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