Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take 535 monkeys, give 'em enough time and…..

What was that sound?

Was that a House of Representatives I heard voting Tuesday night, actually voting on a bill that's good for America? 

When it comes to high-quality, conscientious, patriotic, intelligent, effective, well-informed and non-partisan work by elected representatives, I guess a little something is better than nothing....

But not much better.

All the members of the House and Senate should be ashamed of what they've done--and not done--in the last few weeks.


  1. Let see if I got this right....The dems. hated the Bush tax cuts and voted against them in 2000. The dems then campaigned against the the Bush tax cuts saying it was ruining the economy and country for the next 11 years. Now they voted for them to be "permanent" and they are saving the economy. And none of the talking heads see the irony in this.Yes Congress should be ashamed of themselves but thank god The Prez. thought enough of them to give them a raise!

  2. Anonymous forgot to remember that we had the disastrous nationwide financial meltdown starting in 2007, and thus the Bush tax cuts are now serving the purpose of a federal stimulus to boost economic recovery and growth.
    I agree with Anonymous to this extent: in the long run, all of us need to pay more taxes to cover the cost of the governmental goods and services that all of us want.