Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bad boys and girls don't blush, I guess….

The latest report says that only 9% of Americans approve the way Congress is "handling its job."

Yup, it's the lowest approval rating recorded in the 39 years Gallup has been asking the question.

We all know why.

Does anyone in D.C. feel embarrassed by this, on the record?

I mean, heck, even when they were dead, Bonnie and Clyde were more popular than Congress…..

I'm waiting for my congressman to admit that he feels the heat of the 91% who think that Congress, well, you know, sucks….

Why do we keep re-electing the people who won't do The People's business?


  1. What exactly is the People's business, trying to stop the mess called Obama-care, or creating the mess called Obama-care? Is it appointment to the bench of activist judges or strict constitutionalists? Is is lowering spending or increasing taxes? You know....maybe they are doing the Peoples business after all and The People are just dysfunctional!

    1. This kind of blandly detached point of view begs the question: aren't our elected representatives supposed to be leaders? aren't they supposed to champion the public good?